Recognition Program


The District of Highlands values the efforts of individuals or families who have significantly contributed to the District of Highlands. Council wishes to provide recognition awards to these outstanding citizens. Council has established this policy to ensure that recognition is available to qualifying recipients and that awards are made in a fair and consistent manner.  


  • Davyd McMinn, 2004
  • Kathy and Elliot Gose, 2005
  • Sandy McPherson, 2006
  • Derek Stone, 2008
  • Barry Ford, 2008
  • Sue and Charlie Johnson, 2008
  • Brian Armstrong, 2010
  • Zhinoos Armstrong, 2010
  • Eric Bonham, 2010
  • John Dlugos, 2010
  • Elaine Limbrick, 2010
  • Sheila Taylor, 2010
  • Richard Weyler, 2011
  • Val Fletcher, 2012
  • Warren Lee, 2012
  • Ellie Rayner, 2014
  • Cathie Atkinson, 2014
  • Chris Coates, 2015
  • Leslie Wagner, 2016
  • Neville Grigg, 2016
  • Sheriden Plant, 2017
  • Bessie Nuk, 2018
  • Greg Nuk, 2018
  • Pattie Whitehouse, 2018
  • Marnie Essery, 2022
  • Scott Richardson, 2022
  • Marlene Tyshynski, 2022


  • Robert McMinn, 2007
  • Daphne Allen, 2023


Recognition will consist of one or more of the following to be presented at a Council meeting or other appropriate event:

  • A certificate signed by the Mayor or the Mayor’s Alternate.
  • An inscribed plaque.
  • Highlands Medal of Honour.
  • “Freedom of the Municipality” Honour.
  • Other recognition at the determination of Council.


Recognition is available to the following:

  • Individuals or families who have made a significant contribution to the District over a period of years.
  • Individuals or families, who through their accomplishments, have brought regional, national or international recognition to the District.
  • Individuals or families who have made a significant volunteer contribution to the District.


Individuals or families may be nominated by a minimum of five fellow citizens. Invitations to nominate will be mailed to District households with annual tax notices. The nomination deadline shall be August 31st annually. Nominations are to include a brief biography of the proposed recipient(s) and a description of how the recipient(s) meet the above criteria. The biography will be a placed in a permanent municipal file. 


Final determination as to whether an award is to be granted, and with respect to which award, will be at the discretion of Highlands’ Council.