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Sustainable Land Use Select Committee Membership

  • Council Liaison Karen Burns, Alternate Council Liaison Gord Baird
  • Val Fletcher
  • Neville Grigg
  • Ingo Lambrecht
  • Dave Mackas
  • Ellie Rayner
  • Allan Roger
Council adopted the integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) in late 2012 and completed the updating of the Official Community Plan (OCP) in 2013 to create synergies between the ICSP and the OCP.

The ICSP contains  nine Strategy Areas which have been grouped together to form the framework for three new Committees that would replace all of the existing Committees and Task Forces currently in place. The ICSP outlines many tasks and issues that would be beneficial to have community based input on.  

The Committee is responsible for the following: 

  1. Review the annual priority actions as established in Sustainable Highlands and make recommendations annually to Council regarding the Committee’s work plan and specific items within the work plan.
  2. Consider sustainability issues or concerns related to the five strategy areas and any items referred to it by Council.