Highlands Music Coffee House

Upcoming Events

  • November 9 - Bowker Creek     FLYER
  • December 14 - Duncan Sutherland with Homespun

The Coffee House is held on the 2nd Saturday night of the month in the Caleb Pike House, 1589 Millstream Road.  Doors open at 7pm and entertainment starts at 7:30pm.  There is an "open mic" that begins the evening. 


Monthly events are advertised in various newspapers, radio stations, on the Highlands website and sometimes by flyers.  We hope with your help, everyone in the Highlands will know of this monthly event so they too can enjoy good music, and visit with their fellow Highlanders.

History of the Highlands Coffee House - by Zhinoos Armstrong

The Coffee House which started in 1998  and was brought to Highlands to provide a community service where Highlanders, young and old, could gather once a month to listen to good music and have a place where kinship could grow.

The organizers of the Coffee House are all volunteers, are music lovers and feel music and arts are an important aspect in everyone’s life. There is a lovely quote that says "A wonderful song gives wings to the spirit and fills the heart with exaltation".

The organizers ask for a $5.00 donation, which is honorary, as they do not want to hinder anyone from joining.  Admission is free for the children and young people under 15.  Tea, coffee and goodies are provided free as well!  

Volunteers of the Highlands Coffee House, Linda, Gordon and Zhinoos, help to organize and prepare the Caleb Pike House for events with tea and coffee and provide for the clean-up afterwards.  Other volunteers have also helped in the past and these included Leslie, Bev, Melanie, Ted, Denis, Gavin, Cathy - Thank you!  So many guest, including Brenda, Linda, Sandy and  Angela have brought home-made cookies and cakes at various times.

The Coffee House also has the help of the Caleb Pike Heritage Grounds care takers over the many years. The new care takers, Ed and Gwen always make sure Caleb Pike House is kept warm for the audience in the winter, the chairs set up and ready to go and that adequate water is supplied.  Often the venue is decorated according to season, celebrating Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.

We always offer amazing musicians coming form all over Canada including:  Montreal, Ontario, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Highlands itself (numerous well known musicians live here in the Highlands!!), also musicians from U.S., Europe and from Australia.

The entertainment at our Highlands Coffee House has always been very rich.  You can find music from marimba to brass quintet music; Scottish Highlands dancing to traditional step dancing; children singing and dancing to poems, humorous stories and jokes being told; to celebrating UN Human Rights Day.