Intermunicipal Business Licences

Intermunicipal Business Licencing

A business licence is not required in the District of Highlands.  Although the District is part of the Intermunicipal Business Licencing Program.

What is an Intermunicipal Business Licence?
Intermunicipal licences are issued to business owners that operate their business within the Capital Regional District.  The licence enables a business to conduct business activities within the thirteen participating municipalities without having to purchase thirteen separate business licences.

What is the cost of an Intermunicipal Business Licence?
The annual fee for an Intermunicipal Business Licence is $100 and may be purchased at the District Office. 
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Home-based Business
What are the Home-based Business Regulations?
Home-based businesses are permitted in the District (no business licence required) but home-owners must be aware of the restrictions noted in the home occupation regulations. and also that the use is permitted in their zone. Please contact the Planner to confirm proper zoning.

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